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  I Agree to Site Terms Of Use

I Agree to Site Use Terms: During the course of employment with The David Restaurant Group, you will come in possession of certain confidential information belonging to The David Restaurant Group (known as DRG), including but not limited to forms, recipes, processes, marketing plan, personal employee information and financial information.

The teammates agree that they will, at no time, during or after their term of employment, use any information obtained while gainfully employed with DRG, for their own benefit or any benefit of another, or disclose or divulge to others any such information which is confidential.

Upon termination of employment, the teammates will return to DRG, retaining no copies of any documents relating to the Employer’s business, including but not limited to, reports, files, manuals, correspondence, computer programs, or any other materials obtained during said employment.

Any violation of this agreement will result in termination and entitle DRG to an injunction to prevent disclosure of any information, and this will also entitle DRG to any legal action, including attorney fees, court costs and expenses associated with said action.